Sunday, October 10, 2010

A Strippie Finish

I finally finished the strippie quilt that I made last month. This quilt top was a challenge to quilt. I wanted to put a flannelet backing on it to make it cozier for the winter. I had loaded the quilt on my frame to free motion quilt it but for some reason the thread kept breaking and I just got frustrated. (See this post.) I finally took it off the frame and ripped out all the quilting I had done. Then I decided to machine quilt it on my domestic sewing machine using a 2" diagonal grid marking it with painter's tape. Each time I sewed a line the back would pucker and I ended up ripping out the stitching to try to fix it. After about four goes at this frustration set in and I gave up on that.

In the end I ripped out that quilting and took the entire quilt top apart to put it back together using a quilt as you go method of "stitch and flip". I decided not to do any addition quilting on it and to leave it as is because of the frustration it caused. I like it as it is and I hope my friend who wants to purchase it likes it as well.

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