Friday, December 27, 2013

A Tale of Two Slippers

Here it is the end of another year and I can't believe how quickly this year has gone.  I haven't posted very much this year.  I haven't even taken photos of every project I have made this year!

My mom is 84 and has most everything she needs so I had no idea what to give her for Christmas this year so when my sister bought Mom a new winter coat I said I would make her some mittens and a scarf to match.  You guessed it I forgot to take a picture.  I also have finally started on a quilt repair job that I have been asked to do and again no pictures yet.

When my Mom was healthier she used to knit slippers for us. The pattern she used was the stripped slippers using Phentex Slipper and Craft yarn.  I loved those type of slippers.  I wore out the last pair she made for me and since my feet are a bit over sized it is difficult to find a pair of slippers to fit me that I like. 

My mom knitting a pair of slippers back in the late 1980's with our cat, Harry, supervising.
I was taught to knit when I was young and I can knit fairly well, with regular yarn.  I do not enjoy knitting with the Phentex yarn my mom used for these slippers.  When I was exploring a few thrift stores back in November I found a couple of balls of that yarn for only $1.49 a piece and I decided to try to make the same slippers that my mom used to make after all I have made them before and it only took me a year to finish them, eek.  So early December, this year, I pulled out my knitting needles and the yarn from the thrift store, cast on the stitches and starting knitting.  The reason I don't like working with this particular yarn is I find it splits so easily and I have to be very careful that I don't add stitches while I am knitting.  It is now the end of December and shockingly I finished my new slippers last night!  Only took me a couple of weeks to make this pair.  Maybe cold feet were my incentive, lol.