Tuesday, March 25, 2014

A Special Finish

Sometimes when I am asked to make something for someone I like to make it special by putting something personal in the project.  That is what I did for my mother-in-law, Connie, when she asked me to make a decorative pillow for her. 
Connie is a war bride and was in London, England during the war.  She is 93 years old and still is active in her community and still travels, mostly on her own, to see her children that live out of the area. Her oldest daughter found this pillow top in an antique shop in the city where she lives.  The shop owner told her that during the Second World War that wounded soldiers would paint these as therapy while they recuperated from their injuries.  She purchased it for her mother. 
My mother-in-law has been cleaning out some of her closets and things and she found this dress that her mother, Lucy,  had worn in 1968 for their 60th wedding anniversary celebration.
Lucy and Charles King--60th Wedding Anniversary Celebration

Connie didn't think anyone would want the dress since it was so old so I asked if I could bring it home and did she mind if I cut into it.  She said I could take it.  I thought it would make the perfect backing for the pillow especially since the poem on the front was about mothers. I purposely didn't tell her what I wanted to do with the dress.  I used some iron on interfacing to make the fabric stronger and easier to work with. 

I was able to surprise her with the finished pillow last Saturday when we when to visit with her.  She was pleased to have a piece of her family history on display in her living room. 


Friday, March 7, 2014

A Gift for My Mom

My Mom has had some on going health problems for the past ten years or so.  She is in the later stages of dementia.  She hasn't known me for quite awhile now but I still know her and that is what is important.  I was looking around the internet the other day and found the idea of a Touch Quilt  for dementia patients from the Waterloo County Quilt Guild.  I decided to make one for my mom.

The quilt top has quite a few different types of fabrics in it.  I have included silk, faux suede, terry cloth, cotton, denim, flannelette, seersucker, quilter's cotton, velveteen, fun fur and corduroy.  The blue floral corduroy in the top corner were scraps my mom gave to me a long time ago from a project she made.  The denim and plaid flannelette block, bottom center, are pieces left over from the memory quilt I made from my late brothers clothes. The satin blanket ribbon binding I found in a box of things mom gave me that I rediscovered when I cleaned up the laundry room.  Most of the fabrics in this quilt have been gifted to me by one person or another over the years. 
The backing is a piece of fun fur that I picked up from a remnants bin a few years ago.  It is quite soft and cozy.