Sunday, June 20, 2010

A Memorial

Last February my brother passed away suddenly from a massive heart attack. He was 59 years old. After his death I asked his girlfriend if she would like a memorial quilt made from some of his shirts. I also included fabric that represented some of his interests over the years. He enjoyed playing pool, fishing, camping, playing cards, and working on cars just to name a few. I choose to make a rag quilt because I felt it suited him the best. He lived on the family farm, he was a little rough around the edges but he has a generous heart. I wasn't close to my brother and we had some unresolved issues at the time of his death. By making his quilt I was able to come to terms with how things were left between us. A type of therapy I guess. I would strongly encourage anyone who has issues with another person try to resolve them as quickly as possible because you never know what the future holds.


  1. Great words of advice!
    I love that you made a rag quilt as you describe him as having been "a little rough around the edges"
    I did a quilt last year for my sister who lost her husband.....he was also a good friend and making the quilt was very therapeutic.
    The quilt will most definitely offer comfort.

  2. It's so true! Words of wisdom! a rag quilt how fitting. I am sure it will be a comfort to the family.

  3. What a lovely generous offering. I think your words wil ring true in many peoples lives.