Friday, May 14, 2010

An Experiment

One of my favourite type of cookies is homemade peanut butter cookies. When my youngest son was 4; he is 19 now, we discovered he has a severe peanut allergy which he has to carry an epi-pen with him at all times. This meant no more peanut butter in the house. Over the years we have tried different substitutes for it but haven't found anything that could duplicate the taste, until now. A co-worker of my daughters suggested this Soybutter. We have been having it on toast with jam and it really does taste just like peanut butter.

This morning I decided to experiment with it and I made some peanut butter cookies with raisins. I put in the raisins because they keep the cookies soft. I was amazed at how much they taste like the peanut butter cookies I used to make a long time ago. I even had a friend of my oldest son try one and he thought they were peanut butter. I think I have found a good subsitute this time.

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