Saturday, March 20, 2010

Tea Anyone....

There is a lady at my husband's work who makes the cutest crochet dress tops on tea towels. I have trouble following a crochet pattern. I read the pattern, do what it says but it rarely turns out. I asked this person if I supplied the towels, yarn and buttons if she would make a couple of these towels to include in a wedding gift for my husband's niece this June. She said she would so we worked out a barter of sorts. She would make up the towels if I would make her a tea cozy.

I have had this tea cozy pattern by Fran O'Neill, ( for a couple of years now and I have made it once before. I decided it would be the perfect project to work on for the Friday Nite Sew-In. (See link in side bar)

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  1. oh my goodness this is so adorable. And a perfect choice of fabrics too.